Quality Control and R&D

We strongly believe in a constant and on-going Research & Development Work. A significant amount of time and money is invested in the creative development of our products. We are patrons of "Olfactive Quality Management" in our products which is an add-on to the normal scientific evaluations. An in depth analysis is done for all our creations to the extent that even the most trace ingredients are worked upon through our expert trained noses (in addition to usual scientific techniques), which cannot be detected by the most sensitive devices.

Sometimes we spend months or years in the development of a new product; as the saying goes "good things don't come in an instant". On the contrary, we have proficient capabilities to create inspired fragrances within a very short deadline as per the customer requirements.

We have created an up-to-date QC and R&D Laboratory with high end analytical equipments that enables us to test each an every ingredient that comes into the factory.

We have installed certain purification and rectification units that ensure that we standardise and control every raw material, especially the naturals - for quality consistency of our products.

Our endeavour to maintain high standards of quality have inspired us to install an in-house 'Nitrogen Generation' plant which helps us to stabilise the quality of all our raw materials. Nitrogen purging in raw materials is useful to increase the shelf-life of the product, enabling it not to oxidise and decrease the speed of degeneration.